Schmid Biomass Heating System Installation and Distribution

We provide turn-key biomass heating solutions.

This includes system design, installation, fuel supply and ongoing maintenance and support.  We are able to match boiler requirements to fuel availability to take advantage of the most appropriate fuel source to meet the client’s goals.  Our expertise in fuel handling and delivery systems allows us to minimise fuel costs by designing the optimum fuel delivery, storage and handling system whilst maintaining total reliability.  We provide RHI compliant systems for industrial, commercial and residential use.

The Key to a Successful Biomass Heating System

A Successful Biomass Heating System

The key to our success stems from our comprehensive understanding of the combustion of biomass fuels to produce heat, and being able to successfully marry the type of fuel with the right boiler, using the most appropriate fuel handling and fuel delivery methods, in the context of the specific customer requirements.

Biomass boilers provide a low carbon way of heating.  The rapid recent deployment of these systems in the UK has been largely driven by the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), where users are paid an incentive based on the amount of heat generated for a 20 year term.  The payments are made on a tiered system which covers the cost of the capital investment, plus any difference in the cost of a renewable energy fuel against a fossil fuel.  The consequence of the RHI is that significant cost savings can be made on heating bills as well as moving towards a low carbon, renewable energy source.

Modern Biomass boiler systems are sophisticated pieces of engineering, which run in a fully automated fashion with only minor supervision.  They are able to modulate their output dependent upon demand and operate to thermal efficiencies of over 90%.  They can be retrofitted to most buildings and integrated into existing wet heating systems.

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