Eco-fuels have been engaged to deliver several projects based on heat delivery using heat networks.

A Heat Network is the more accurate term used to describe small district heating systems. Heating small numbers of buildings using a single heat generation source is becoming more popular as this is often more cost-effective particularly when using biomass as the heat generation source.

The principle of a centralised heat generation plant and distribution using insulated pipework is not new, but with the evolution of small, efficient and cheap gas boilers has meant it has lost popularity in recent decades.  With the growth of biomass systems, heat networks are now becoming more popular as a low carbon solution for heating separate properties.

Eco-fuels have particular expertise in the building of such heat networks, particularly taking into account the requirement for sophisticated control systems and correct sizing in order to dynamically change dependent on heat load to maximise efficiency.

The underground heating pipework, which is the key transport component to deliver the heat, is being supplied by UK manufacturer Rehau. Eco-fuels visited the factory in Wales recently to see the Rauvitherm pipe being manufactured in a highly automated process. Eco-fuels selected Rehau as the partner to work with as Rehau are considered the market leader in terms of thermal efficiency, quality and use of a unique jointing system which benefits installation and longevity.

The installation of a heat network is heat source agnostic and represents a long term investment in distributed heat.  Generation of heat using a biomass boiler makes a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions.

The heat is delivered to each of the properties using a Heat Interface Unit (HIU).  This replaces the gas combination boiler. As well as providing hydraulic separation of the heating fluid between the heat network and the property's heating system, the HIU dynamically controls the amount of water passing through it dependent upon heat load.

Eco-fuels has been engaged to deliver several projects in 2015 which generate heat using biomass boilers and distribute heat through a network. The network takes into account the differing heat loads within the seasons and also during the day by using dynamic controls to maximise energy efficiency.

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