Darfoulds nursery install biomass heating for greenhouses, coffee shop and domestic use

Eco-fuels Heating has implemented a new renewable heating system providing heat to an interesting and diverse application.  Darfoulds Nursery, based in the East Midlands near Worksop is a popular plant nursery and coffee shop.  The owners also own a row of terraced houses adjacent to their retail site which are tenanted.

The two new Schmid biomass boilers provide thermostatically controlled heat through a network of underground insulated pipes to the terraced houses, the coffee shop and several greenhouses.  The renewable heat not only makes a significant saving in carbon emmissions, against their previous oil system, but also lowers the heating costs for the tenants and especially the greenhouses.  The greenhouses are used to grow a variety of plants and the lower cost of heating has allowed Darfoulds significantly more flexibility in what they grow and when.

The greenhouses are split into individual thermostatically controlled zones which allow great flexibility and economy in the use of heat.

The tenants all receive heat through a heat interface unit (HIU), each being able to be individually metered and the tenants billed accordingly.

The boilers are fuelled by wood chips which use a central store to serve the two boilers, and use an intelligent buffer tank control system to modulate the boilers to match heat load with heat demand.  This helps to maximise the efficiency of the system.



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