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Eco-Fuels are pleased to offer the full Schmid range of biomass heating solutions with domestic, commercial and industrial systems between 50KW – 6500KW thermal output (LTHW and MTHW), including cascade options for even higher heat demand still. We also offer systems for pressurised hot water up to 160°c operating temperature and steam up to 8500kg/hr.

Schmid offer several models of biomass boiler each with it’s own strength and purpose. Before selecting the correct model to offer we take into consideration a number of factors which will affect the choice of boiler;

There is a common misconception that boilers will only burn dry fuel.  This is not the case.  If a customer has a low-grade fuel which is high in moisture, there will invariably be a boiler to suit.  There are boilers designed to take a wide range of fuel types, and if a customer has access to this type of fuel, it can be more cost effective to invest in a boiler to take a wider fuel specification with no loss of efficiency.

The Boiler Triangle RuleThe Boiler Triangle Rule

This states that it is only possible to have two of the objectives fulfilled

For example, it is possible to have a less expensive boiler, that is robust and reliable, but the fuel will have to be to a high specification, and thus more expensive.  This is typically the case with pellet boilers, where the fuel is more expensive, but the low levels of variation mean a simpler boiler and fuel handling system is required.

At the other extreme, there are boilers which will take a wide range of fuels, including wet wood, waste wood and sawdust.  The boilers are more expensive, but often the reduction in the fuel cost over time more than justifies the additional capital cost.

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