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Eco fuels manufactures wood chip from certified renewable sources within the UK. As we source, select and manufacture in-house we can ensure end to end quality, and deliver a high quality, consistent product. Eco-Fuels maintain an in-house quality management system to ensure our chip is certified to the relevant European and international standards. Our fuels are registered on the biomass suppliers list (BSL) as a sustainable and legal fuel. We provide fuel for biomass boilers which participate in the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), and ensure compliance with the strict scheme rules. All our fuel is certified as legal and sustainable, and we are participants in the biomass suppliers list (BSL).

Wood ChipThe key parameter that affects both how the chip burns and its energy output is the moisture content. A newly felled tree will typically have a 60% moisture content and will be more difficult to burn, with less energy output. Seasoning is usually employed to reduce the moisture content. This is the same process used for the preparation of logs for use as firewood. The lower the moisture content, the greater the energy value. There are a wide variety of wood chip boilers, which all require control over the wood chip specification. In simple terms, the less technologically advanced the boiler system, the less variation is permitted in the fuel. There are boilers that will permit a wide variation of both particle size and moisture content, but retain a high level of efficiency, allowing the fuel cost to be minimised but the initial capital investment is greater.


The ISO standards set tight specifications for the wood source, chip size profile and variation, as well as moisture, mineral and trace element content. This means the fuel supplier having to implement a comprehensive quality assurance system to meet the standards required by the different boilers. Eco-Fuels is able to produce and in-house certify fuel to cover particle sizes to ISO 17225 and EN14961.

For those customers who have a biomass boiler within the Government's RHI scheme since September 2013, there is an obligation to meet the conditions of the emissions certificate.  This certificate lists the specific fuel which must be used in order to comply with maximum emission levels, and the terms of the RHI scheme.  We are able to ensure compliance with the emissions certification and ensure that the RHI scheme participant complies with the rules.

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Eco-Fuels is a supplier of biomass boiler grade wood chip. We have our own wood chip production facility which allows us to produce fuel to exacting standards of moisture content and chip size profile. We supply chips to ISO 17225 and EN 14961 standards. All loads are tested before sale.

Supply is by bulk bag or tipped/ejected bulk load on a weight, volume or kWh(t) basis. Ad-hoc or contract based supply.

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